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Streax is a brand closely associated with style and glamour, enabling the modern woman to discover her true self. Continuous innovation and complete understanding of the pulse and needs of the Indian woman has helped Streax carve a niche for itself in the consumers’ mind.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Streax was launched in the year 2004, when major global and national brands were competing fiercely to grab a share of the Indian hair colour market. The brand was launched with a sharp focus, product promise and clear communication strategy. In a short span of time, Streax firmly made a place for itself amidst the cacophony of brands and became a household name in the urban and semi urban markets of India. Today it stands tall as the second-largest brand in the market. With the brand mantra of COLOR THAT CARES Streax understood its Target customer, her fears and needs at the very outset, and took all steps to ensure that it lived up to its brand promise.
Streax was launched with eight basic shades initially, as it progressed and understood the requirements of Asian consumers and their hair types, 9 more shades were added to the Streax portfolio. In the clutter of various multinational brands already available in the market , Streax made its way on the retail shelves reaching out to 1,41,419 number of stores in a span of just 3 years of its launch. Today Streax is available in over 1,74, 997 retail stores

FAITH FACTOR The market has been growing and competition is getting fierce with many new entrants from both organised and unorganised sector. The consumers now have a choice of more than 15 brands available on the shelves both from organised players and the cheap lookalikes. Streax ensured that its market positioning and the brand mantra of THE COLOR THAT CARES never gets compromised. It went on to add 13 more shades in its basket taking the total shades to 30 and launched the product in the professional division (salons and beauty parlours) under the brand name Streax PRO. For the first time in India a dedicated team of trained professionals reached out to more than 20,000 salons and trained more than 5000 salon owners and beauticians imparting them training about various international coloring techniques. As a result Streax has not only been accepted by home consumers but it has got accepted by salons and beauty parlours making it, a over $13 million brand today. Innovation, customer delight and the grow together values of HRIPL have percolated to the brand Streax as well. It has kept on re-innovating itself by giving a better coloring system, a variety of shades, and the right brand extensions by launching various hair treatment and hair care products under the umbrella brand and living up to its brand promise of ‘Colour That Cares’

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Strategic branding, intelligent placements and effective media planning and buying ensured that Streax remained at the top of consumers’ mind. The point of sale branding was designed to ensure proper visibility in the category stands at various outlets. Marketing activations like the RANG DO APNE SAPNE (color your dreams) initiative, gave the consumer a better connect with the brand.
A recent survey with various consumers showed that 85 per cent of consumers have recalled Streax as a “Top of the Mind” brand when it comes to hair colours and 74 per cent of consumers also recalled the brand ambassador and the creative jingle.
Streax has always ensured that it gave the right Value-For-Money to its consumers, while also delighting them with its product efficacy. The professional training modules ensured that all partner salons and professionals also grew along with the brand.

INNOVEDGE In line with the innovation value of the company, R&D of HRIPL ensured that through its journey from 2004, strategic value additions were done in the formulation of Streax, which not only ensured beautiful colours but also made sure that they lasted longer. Streax innovated itself with the Kera-Vit conditioner formula to ensure that it not only colours but also imparts right conditioning and shine to hair. Further Streax was enriched with walnut oil giving added protection to hair. These innovations helped it grow and gain more acceptance through the years. Innovating further, Streax launched the no ammonia gentle color in gel formulations – Streax Tender Loving Colour .
A recent research done, claims that, when compared with competition, Streax is definitely a longer lasting color. The goodness of Kera-vit conditioner, walnut oil and advanced antioxidant system ensures that Streax lives up to its promise of being a “Colour that Cares” brand.

BRAND PROMISE HRIPL’s values of innovation and customer delight have been well taken into consideration to create the brand Streax by continuous innovation in formulation, proper training and education to salon professionals. It also added value to its consumers by rewarding them from time to time by not only coming out with intelligent strategic offers but also helping the users by getting themselves enrolled in Streax “Rang Do Apne Sapne” initiatives, thus truly making Streax a brand that lives by its values.

1. Launched in 2004, Streax has steadily increased its market share to 12.2% as per the recent AC Nielsen retail audit data, making it the second largest brand by volume in India.
2. A recent value addition is the noammonia range under the Streax Tender Loving Colour which is a unique non-drip gel formulation with a mild fragrance addressing the problem of unpleasant odour faced by consumers in various other brands.
3. Streax reaches out to more than 20,000 salon professionals through its salon range of products, and its robust training modules, reemphasising its promise of being the “ Colour That Cares”.

1. 2004: Streax was launched in India
2. 1,74,997: Number of stores in India selling Streax products
3. 17,860: Number of packs picked up by consumers every day
4. 2007: Launch of Streax Salon Division for salon professionals
5. 20,000: Number of partner salons of Streax PRO across the country

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