abhimanyu-ghoshAbhimanyu Ghosh
CEO, Publisher & Managing editor:

With the Indian economy growing by 7.6% inspite of a weary world economy and a gloomy investment environment, India has a boom to look at in 2017. Inspite of an initial harakiri fear on the announcement of the DEMON- ETISATION, the Indian economy has shown enough resilience and vigour. The economy moves towards changing initiatives by the government such as the GST and an unified tax structure with fortification of cash accountability and digitisation of various payment models. The government has definitely shown confidence in its new schemes and models that promise a robust and fair economy with a good business environment for the innovative and principled.

It gives us immense satisfaction on that note. Because not only is the economy poised to grow, but organisations that make the economy boom are destined for a better time. Harbinger the models that bring about change with sustainability and innovations.

Today, Indian brands are increasingly breaking out of their native markets and going global successfully. Global brands find India an attractive destination. Not only because of a growing per capita income and rich becoming richer scenario, but also changes that the Narendra Modi government are bringing to set better working environment for global and national brands.

This special issue of WCRC LEADERS ASIA is a true salutation to the spirit of growth. We bring to you companies that are the fundamental star members of India’s growth and people who drive and strategise the fortunes of these brands. The Emerging No. 1, Brand of  the Year are the brands who are giving a serious scare and challenges to the market leaders. WCRC’s rounds of research with consumers,brands and the custodians of brands ensure a fair research process to finally select a list who are the movers and shakers of the industry. These are brands that are surely destined to become the number ones, provided they continue with innovations and strategies that cerebrally mark new changes in the industry.

This issue also features the CAPTAIN COOL. India’s coolest marketing captains who strategise and position their brands crisply into the mind of the consumers. Fundamentally thats real marketing. As they say perception often is bigger than reality. But the reality remains the sacrosanct acts of positioning that an organisation entrusts them with. These are Captain Cools who don’t fail. We are glad to learn various techniques that the most successful in the corporate arena apply. We hope you follow suit and draw inspiration.


editorial-mainI am delighted super excited to bring out the 3rd gold edition of India’s most loved brand intellectual property India’s Most Promising Brands. It’s a great pride for us to announce to our loyal readers and subscribers that WCRC Leaders Asia has been selected as the Best MultiNational Magazine in the 16th MFI awards. We are just three years old and no wonder we strive many times harder than all others to establish our positions. We have continually done that with differentiated content, design and other factors that have held its grounds with readers everywhere.
I wrote ‘loved’ because, away from the snooty value of only writing about the topmost brands who are already over-exposed, India’s Most Promising Brands talk about the challengers, disruptors and innovators who are changing India’s future. Its loved because these are the brands who are fighting all odds to challenge the best. Hence in return not just increasing their grip in the market but also pushing the market leaders to be more innovative. All smiles and all brilliant as long as the competitive brilliance of the brand jungle and warfare makes the Indian consumers happy. For us at WCRC, its far more exciting than all other projects. The research effort is far more focused and so are all the other efforts. But the end result makes up for everything. Because India’s Most Promising Brands talk about brands who are real heroes. Brands who are showing constant promise and brands who are disrupting everyone and pushing them to be more innovative and consumer centric.
Also in this 3rd gold edition of India’s Most Promising Brands we have rated all brands shortlisted for final rounds of research. The ratings have been put as fairly as we could with the implementation of the WCRC Brand Matrix.The selection of these 50 brands have been done scientifically using various research techniques that World Consulting & Research Corporation is known for. Some of the skill-sets used for the research of India’s Most Promising Brands 2016 include primary interviews with the brands and then creating a skill-set scoresheet that authenticates the process as superiorly as possible. We have also introduced the BRAND O METER, which is quite easy and exciting to look and read.

Editorial September 2015

Editorial September 2015


It is high time that we should really judge women by what they do and not by what they wear. Its not always just about the pretty face and the culinary skills that she exhibits; or the way she raises the child and also at times the doormat in the house. She does mostly these things quite flawlessly.

The fact also is women are doing exceptionally well and then there’s another fact: that women are not. They are struggling and suffering to stay afl oat. Who do we blame it for? Is it the genetics of a woman or the mindset of the man?

The rights provided to women are a serious indicator to understand the global well being. And we are yet too far from it. Global Women’s treaty was ratifi ed few decades ago by majority of world’s nation. Despite many successes in the endeavor of empowering women, various issues still persist, ranging from economic to political, social to cultural. It’s purely the mindset that sets everything on the back foot. Women often work far more than men, yet are paid less. Gender discrimination affects women throughout their lives even in the most developed nations.

My years of experience in the corporate and business world and experience with working over 5000 people and organizations of various degrees to principles, ideologies to culture, I have experienced women to be far more effective than men in many ways. This is in spite of various limitations that women in India have. Primarily dominated by family and social driven restrictions. Global researches suggest that though 25- 35 percent of organizations’ employ women at lower levels, only 3-4% of worlds top organizations’ have women as their CEO’s. I fail to understand this ratio. And I really blame the mindset. One of the most popular beliefs inside organizations of preferring men over women for the top jobs is the uncertainty attached with a woman. Its often believed that women are dominated by their family opinion and hence they can quit anytime. So can men. There is no certainty in anything. Its an organizations’ duty to empower women. And the fact is why shouldn’t they?

The truth is Women defi nitely have the requisites of being a better leader. And time and again they have proved it when given the right chance and opportunity. According to global studies women exhibit better communications, better teamwork, higher integrity and honesty, better community development, greater relationship developments and most importantly far greater work ethics. I guess that is enough of a proof that women are ideally suited for most roles in anyone’s life.

This issue is a salutation to all the women who break the stereotype and have proved time and again that they are leaders who did everything because they wished to. Its as simple, when there’s a will, there is a way. It’s also a message to all other aspiring women that if you want to be successful, you will have to do it. For men and women alike there will be boundaries and limitations. But when will takes over, everything gets possible.

At WCRC we believe in this cause very strongly and an issue was equally important. Last years’ issue in WCRC Leaders Asia on Women Empowerment across Asia made the featured women deliver better and I believe this year shall add more value.