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63-BatelcoBatelco Group is a regional mobile telecommunications operator operating across the MENA region and internationally. The Batelco Group, is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain and listed on the Bahrain Bourse; {Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)}. It operates across six countries: Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt. The Group provides the full range of communications services including mobile, broadband, data and fixed line services. Batelco has played a pivotal role in its country’s development as a major communications hub and today is the leading integrated communications’ provider, continuing to lead and shape the local consumer market and the enterprise ICT market.

Blaze to Brilliance
The Batelco group has grown overseas by investing in other markets in leading fixed and wireless operators. Batelco Group has evolved from being a regional Middle Eastern operation to becoming a major communications company with direct and indirect investments across 16 geographies including Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Maldives, Diego Garcia, St. Helena, Ascension Islands, Falklands, Monaco and Afghanistan. The Group implements a multi-faceted strategy with a primary focus on maximising the performance of existing operations and investments whilst pursuing the strategic acquisition of mobile and broadband operators in the MENA region and further afield in order to add further scale to the Group’s network. Having grown into a strong and well diversified regional telecommunications player with market leading positions across a broad range of services and geographies, Batelco Group is focused on maintaining and building upon its leadership in current markets of operation whilst continuing to grow its network across the MENA region and internationally. The Group’s strategy is also focused on growth and synergies in the adjacent ICT services sector, where significant opportunities exist and where the Group aims to build upon its existing capabilities at the same time they are also looking at opportunities for strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

Faith Factor
Batelco places great emphasis on the power of their relationships with their partners, suppliers and enterprises. At Batelco they are committed to principle-based, value-driven corporate governance. Their commitment is reflected in their approach which embraces the draft governance principles developed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).
Batelco recognizes that without transparency there cannot be effective governance. It places emphasis on disclosure of financial and non financial performance and purpose and priorities of the organization. To fulfill its transparency obligation, Batelco publishes its financial statements every quarter and regularly makes public announcements through the media on important and significant issues that may be of interest to the stakeholders and markets. The brand believes that integrity is central to stakeholder and market confidence. It takes the fiduciary trust placed in it and its employees seriously to safeguard and steward resources belonging to others. High levels of ethical standards are maintained by having a rigorous recruitment process and regular performance and disciplinary management processes. The organisation has also implemented processes and controls to ensure that information that it provides in its annual report and announcements made to the public are reliable. Important information such as financial statements is also verified independently by external entities – such as external audit. To create and preserve value Batelco continuously monitors and evaluates its performance, allocation of resources and processes. Based on the evaluation, improvements are made in resource allocation and processes.

Engagement that Enthralls
Beyond Batelco Group’s focus on business and financial performance they are also committed to their role as a responsible corporate citizen. The group extends corporate governance obligations to social responsibilities which are reflected in the level of support to local businesses, charities and sponsorship of major events in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Health, Education, Sports, and Cultural programs that benefit communities are being looked at by the Group in form of Sponsorships, promotional events, etc. Batelco, as part of its commitment to key events that support the Kingdom of Bahrain, is sponsoring the United Nations Public Service Forum The company has announced its sponsorship of the Bahrain International Airshow 2014 (BIAS 2014), which will take place at the Sakhir Airbase in the Kingdom of Bahrain from January 16 to 18, 2014. BIAS 2014 . By doing this it will help the kingdom of Bahrain to be in the world spotlight and demonstrate to the international business community the outstanding capabilities offered by organizations operating in Bahrain.

Efficiency and innovation are at the core of the Group’s strategy in its home market as well as its overseas operation. It seeks on an ongoing basis to optimize its costs structures while continuing to invest in the development and delivery of new technologies and services. Innovation remains central to the Group’s strategy, its ability to retain and attract customers and pursue further profitable expansion across its network and growth markets of focus.
Batelco has opened a new innovation centre at its Hamala headquarters. Few years back, a unique ‘Ideas centre’ was designed to give visitors a sneak peek into the future of information and communication technologies (ICT). This was inaugurated by Batelco Group chief executive Shaikh Mohamed bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Brand Promise
The group has a strong determination to remain the market leader in Bahrain and extend their reach across the Middle East, Africa and Indian region. To support this thought process, they have made sure that their strategic imperatives reflect their goals to develop a more customer focused and better performing company compared to their industry peers.
They are constantly striving to accelerate growth in existing markets & expedite geographic expansion with focus on mobility and broadband in lieu of their commitment in creating value added services for their customers. In addition to this, the group’s Board of Directors maintains an effective oversight of organizational performance and conformance by regularly monitoring key business activities and providing directives to business through Board and sub-committees.

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