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BPan Bahar Crystal is an exclusively rich lineage product, coming from the renowned DJ group. Also a leader in hospitality sector, DJ group’s Pan Bahar Crystal is an outcome of perfect blend of various exotic handpicked ingredients infused with 100 per cent of edible gold and silver leaves. Pan Bahar Crystal is admired by elite group of consumers and is considered the king of pan masalas.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE The pan masala was first introduced in 1966 by the existing chairman’s father. The main focus during its creation was to maintain the rich blend of the carefully procured products. He went about the country to find the purest ingredients to make the best pan masala. Years later, continuing the legacy of being best-in-class, Pan Bahar Crystal was conceptualised by the current chairman as the connoisseurs’ choice. Along with the elements of gold and silver, finest ingredients like the choicest suparis from Shimoga, rarest attars from Kannauj (UP) & Orissa, elegantly filtered catechu, aromatic cardamoms from Cochin and sandalwood oil from Mysore were selected. After three years of hard work and research, the unique product was launched in the ‘ultra-premium price category’. On November 2012, the special edition ‘crystal’ pack was launched followed by the introduction of ‘metal-embossed’ container and the pouch in early 2013.

FAITH FACTOR Pan Bahar Crystal revolutionised the way pan masala was consumed. The zeal to create the best has given birth to Pan Bahar Crystal, the world’s most expensive pan masala. The product has put in extra effort to deliver a qualitatively superior creation, thoroughly maintaining quality consistency and adhering to the tradition. A strongly bonded group of people working hard to maintain the image and quality of the product has been instrumental in creating a strong image of the Pan Bahar Crystal brand.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Standing out with its flawless packaging, Pan Bahar Crystal comes in a limited edition marvellously designed crystal jar which works as a factor of attraction for the consumers and at the same time makes sure that the aroma is retained. With a path-breaking innovation in flavour, neither the pan masala nor the packaging has any competition. In addition to its exclusive packaging, the company uses television, radio, press releases, outdoor and contemporary social and digital media.

INNOVEDGE The launch of Pan Bahar Crystal is a great innovation in itself. From the ingredients to the packaging, the product offers a totally different experience to attract a different and classy set of consumers. Arriving as the never-seen-before product, Pan Bahar Crystal has won many awards for its unique packaging and design including the Most Stylish Can-2013 and Supreme Award at Asia Cantech, Surbaya, Indonesia.

BRAND PROMISE Retaining its originality and style, Pan Bahar Crystal promises to maintain its premium quality with consistency in its ingredients. The brand is right now seeking to widen its reach beyond India. It has been a trendsetter and thus wishes to revitalise and uplift the whole pan masala segment in India. Its path-breaking packaging ideas have been appreciated all around the world. The brand is well on course to achieve the number one position in the traditional mouth freshener brands category in the country and beyond.

1. Pan Bahar crystal is the only player in the super-premium category.
2. It contains gold and silver leaves and the purest ingredients.
3. It ensures and maintains fresh stock availability at all retail points.

1. Apart from increasing the depth & width of distribution in India, there are plans to take the brand beyond the country
2. Pan Bahar Crystal does not have any competition in India or the world since it is the only product in this ultra–premium price category
3. The brand’s impact is measured by conducting periodic brand tracking through experienced market research agencies to gauge the brand’s equity index
4. The product is made with choicest hand-picked ingredients collected from all over the country
5. It has received the ‘Most Stylish Can -2013 at Asia Cantech, Surbaya, Indonesia and ‘Supreme Award’ for its specialty can that uses reverse seaming technology at Asia Cantech

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