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44-SunflameManufacturing a wide range of modern, stylish and sturdy kitchen and home appliances for more than 3 decades, Sunflame is one of India’s most cherished and sought after brands which promises to make cooking more efficient and life much easier. It is this promise, and indeed its delivery, that has enabled Sunflame to create a permanent place for itself, in not just Indian kitchens and homes, but also in the hearts across the country.

Sunflame began its journey as a manufacturer of gas cooktops in 1982 and accumulated respect and stature over the years to evolve as one of India’s most loved and trusted kitchen appliances brand with a wide range of modern and technologically advanced products. Today, the Sunflame range includes products like hobs, chimneys, induction cookers, cookware, heaters, geysers, juicer mixer grinders, food processors and other small appliances such as steam irons, coffee makers, toasters and grills to add elegance, ease and elan to life, in and out of, the kitchen, and its market has expanded to cover every part of the country. Not being one to rest on its laurels, Sunflame continues to explore newer and upgraded products to cater to the rapidly evolving needs and demands of its new age consumers and hence lays extreme importance on the continuous process of Research & Development. The Sunflame range continues to grow more modern and more exciting with every passing day. In a way it keeps pace with the rapidly evolving Indian households and consumer personality.
It’s not for nothing that people have welcomed home a Sunflame for decades and have created a bond with the brand for generations. They know that every Sunflame innovation comes with a brand promise which it fully delivers for years. From a two burner gas stove to the ultramodern induction cookers, it has been a remarkable journey that has moved forward one step at a time.

Working with the philosophy of ‘once a consumer, always a friend’ Sunflame does not believe in just selling a product, it believes in building relationships and developing bonds.; bonds that withstand the test of times and make Sunflame a part of happy families all over India. Today, the brand has gone beyond being just a consumer-centric brand. With a product associated with almost every activity in the kitchen and outside it, Sunflame has transformed into a life-centric brand.
And when we talk of happy families, can any family make another happy without itself being happy? This is why Sunflame lays great stress on keeping its employees happy. Believing that the employees are the most important part of its business, Sunflame always acknowledges their hard work, dedication and determination which keeps the brand on top. The company is as dedicated towards its employees as it is towards the consumers. The company has not just drawn employee-friendly policies, but it also trusts the integrity, ability and judgment of its determined team. As a result of this, the top management, managers, engineers, sales and marketing professionals, support staff and even the distributors and retailers of Sunflame feel like being a part of one happy family, and they indeed also work as one. With this high happiness quotient working as its backbone, Sunflame wishes to capture even more hearts and rise still further along the corporate ladder to emerge as an even bigger brand in the years and decades to come.

Customer focus and comfort which Sunflame products offer to the users have always formed the crux of the company’s communication strategy that is sans exaggeration or false and over promises. This is what makes the Sunflame communication more believable and trustworthy to the consumers. In a way, Sunflame promises what it delivers, and delivers what it promises. And the consumers love it for this, they know what a Sunflame product is all about even before they walk into a store to see one. To them Sunflame is not just a brand on the shelf, it’s an honest and caring friend they can trust for life. This has led to huge success and acceptance of the various advertising campaigns launched by the company.

Innovation and evolution have been the cornerstones of the company’s corporate philosophy. Sunflame has always explored the possibility of new designs, technologies, features and innovations which have helped it in creating better products for its consumers and delighting them. It has always laid great stress on R&D and has developed stylish and elegant products based on advanced cutting edge technology. The company has always been quick to adapt, evolve and innovate.

Sunflame began with the promise of making cooking more efficient and life more comfortable and it has, with every product and model, lived up to the promise which it made, not just to the consumers but also to itself. This has made Sunflame a trusted and loved household brand in the country. Like it has been said earlier, Sunflame does not just sell products, it builds relationships. The huge sales and service network makes sure that Sunflame is always able to live up to the promise and trust.

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