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force-motorsThe company was founded in 1958 by N.K. Firodia. Bajaj Auto bought a controlling stake in the company, renaming it “Bajaj Tempo”. Germany’s Daimler-Benz, a longtime collaborator with Firodia because of their ownership of the original Tempo works in Germany, owned 16% of Bajaj Tempo. They sold their stake back to the Firodia group in 2001, meaning they once again held a controlling interest. It was agreed that the company would gradually phase out the use of the “Tempo” brand name, as it still belonged to Mercedes-Benz. The name of the company was changed to Force Motors in May 2005.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Through the 1980s and 1990s, and especially in the last five years with a major product development effort, Force Motors has introduced new light commercial vehicles, a face lifted series of Tempo Trax utility vehicles, new tractors, and a new range of three-wheelers. The company which mainly operates in commercial vehicle segment, entered into the “personal vehicle” segment in August 2011 with the launch of its first SUV, named Force-One. The company manufactures trucks at Pithampur, the industrial hub of Madhya Pradesh in Indore in a joint venture, Man Force Trucks Pvt. Ltd, with MAN AG of Germany. MAN Force trucks are exported overseas to countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and certain African nations; markets where a low selling price is essential.

FAITH FACTOR Force Motors will launch the new Viano MPV and the Force One 4×4 model in September. The Viano-based MPV will be powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine and will produce 140bhp. This is likely to be priced between Rs 9-11 Lakhs and will be a seven- seater. As always, space will be a major USP for this MPV too. This will be the third model in the Force Motors passenger car portfolio. At the moment, there is the Force One and the Gurkha.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS The company has recently appointed Amitabh Bachchan as a brand ambassador for the brand, and is now geared up for a 360-degree promotional activity to promote the newly-launched vehicle. After appointing Lowe Lintas as the creative agency for its newly-launched SUV Force One, Force Motors is now looking for a digital agency for the brand. The mandate for the digital agency would primarily be to develop a new website for the Force One brand. Force One comes with the tagline ‘Be the Force’.

INNOVEDGE Due to its innovations various awards and accolades have come their way over the years. On February 16, 2012, Dr Abhay Firodia, Chairman, Force Motors Ltd., was conferred with the “Order of Merit” of the Federal Republic of Germany by Dr. Leopold Theodor Heldman, Consul General, Mumbai, at an award ceremony organized on February 16, 2012 at the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Pune. The “Order of Merit” is the highest honour awarded to individuals for their exemplary services to the Federal Republic of Germany.

BRAND PROMISE The history of Force Motors is long and interesting. From having undergone name changes to winning the trust of people with its quality products, the company has come a long way. Today, the brand has a lot of goodwill in the market for its products and after the successful launch of its SUV, Force One, in 2012, the company has further strengthened its position in the market.

1. The company was incorporated on 8th September, 1958. The Company manufactured and assembled 3 and 4-wheeler light commercial vehicles and diesel engines.
2. The company was converted into a public limited company in 1961.
3. In 2012, Force Motors launched an SUV, FORCE ONE, which was well received.

1. 2005: The year in which the company name was changed from Bajaj Tempo Ltd to Force Motors
2. 2003: The year in which the company agreed to procure technology from MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Germany for 4 and 6-cylinder diesel engines of higher capacities
3. 2004: The year in which automobile manufacturer Bajaj Tempo Ltd announced that it would enter the heavy commercial vehicles segment in the next 12 months
4. 2001: The year in which the company launched its minidoor three-wheelers running on CNG
5. 2012: In this year, Force Motors spoke to HPCL for its fuel supplies and entered into a partnership with them

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