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country of origin : BAHRAIN
industry : ENERGY & POWER
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  • ƒ BAPCO owns a 262,000 barrel-a-day refinery, storage facilities for more than 14 million barrels, a marketing terminal, and a marine terminal for its petroleum products.
  • ƒ In January 2013, the refinery scored a production record, refining a total of 271,800 barrels per day (bpd) output.
  • ƒ The first in the GCC, Bahrain Refinery is one of the largest in the Middle East, refining over 262,000 barrels of crude every day.
  • ƒ In January 2009, the Company successfully upgraded its Quality certification from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008.
  • ƒ There are more than 170 storage tanks at different sites with a total capacity of over 14 million barrels.

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