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26-lotus-refineryLR Active Oil is the flagship brand of Lotus Refineries Pvt. Ltd., an aspiring national leader in edible oil category. With superior quality, health, great value for money & customer satisfaction as their foundations, they have carved a niche for themselves in this competitive industry. With its impressive product portfolio, that includes Kachhi Ghani oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Soyabean Oil, Refined Cotton seed Oil, Refined Palmolien oil & extra virgin Olive they are able to keep pace with the international trend of the market. The company’s chairman, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma was recently awarded the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012″ award by GLOBOIL India 2012”. LR Active Oil was recently awarded the “Most promising upcoming brand of the year” by Lions gold Award 2013.

Blaze to Brilliance
Research shows as per current market scenario, consumption of branded oils has seen an upward trend which will continue in the coming years. Though it’s a highly fragmented market there is a huge untapped segment which LR Active Oils are looking forward to explore.
They have built a good brand image by producing quality products which is also propagated in each of their marketing communications. This planned strategy takes them ahead of competition. They have taken lessons from the growth story of established brands that have been able to make their space in this cluttered market. Their growth story inspires them to create their own niche by creating value through their quality products. In a very short span of time they have done planned and strategized marketing campaigns which have helped them to enhance the brand equity of LR Active Oil.

Faith Factor
The brand’s USP can be attributed to a number of factors like Integrity to start with. They believe in conducting business fairly, with honesty and transparency. They give great importance to feelings of care, respect, compassion and humanity for colleagues and customers around the world and are always working for the benefit of the communities they serve.
They continuously strive for excellence by trying to achieve the highest possible standards in their day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services they provide. A substantial emphasis is on the belief in strong family bonding through good tasting food which is also conveyed through their tag line “Atoot Bandhan Sneh Ka”.
The most crucial aspect of their business is quality products for a consumer backed by aggressive marketing campaigns and efficient supply chain management procedures.
The base of all these USPs lie in the fact that they believe in CDM i.e. to work cohesively with their colleagues across the group & with their customers and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation. Engagement that Enthralls After the launch of Lotus Refineries Pvt Ltd. 360 degree (via outdoor, radio, television, digital & social media) integrated marketing communication was done to create a buzz. It helped to generate product & brand visibility & somewhere register the brand name in the minds of consumers. It was followed by on ground events tending towards brand recall. Sponsorships of region specific festivals & big properties on TV channels like DID Little Champs, Nach Baliye 5, Big Star Entertainment Awards 2012, Gima Award 2012, Veera, Ek Dusre se karte hain pyaar hum, Kaali, Mahadev, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai, etc. helped mark their presence in the industry They have also launched region specific brand campaigns to create awareness about the product in the respective regions. This marketing initiative was done by LR Active Oil for Hindi heartland i.e. (U.P. + Bihar+ Jharkhand+ Uttrakhand).
In comparison to its competitors, LR Active Oil touches the emotional chord of the end consumers. Stress is given on the bonding that Indian families have on the dinner table over good tasting food. It talks about family gathering and togetherness rather than talking about technical points of cooking oil.
Edible Oil companies have never used cricket as a platform to advertise their product. LR Active Oil is the first company that has done cricket branding more prominently. Very soon LR Active Oil is going to launch Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Canola oil in the Indian Market.

Brand Promise
The brand promises to reach out to every Indian household through its aggressive marketing strategy & varied product offerings. By taking this approach it is not only ensuring customer delightment by giving quality products for consumers which promote good health, family togetherness & strong emotional bonding but is also creating top of the mind consumer brand recall by promotional gimmicks & innovation in product offerings.
With the demand & consumptions of branded cooking oils working in favor of LR Active Oils, they are continuously raising the bar with a vision to be the most recalled brand in the cooking oil segment.

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