sehAl Jaber Group (AJC) is a privately owned diversified group of companies specialised in areas of contracting, construction, logistics and trading. The tremendous success of the group is based on its emphasis on sustainable growth and diversification.


  • AJC was established in 1970
  • AJC conforms to ISO 9001:2000 in all its divisions
  • Al Jaber Transport & General Contracting L.L.C. completed road construction totaling over 7,000 km in Abu Dhabi

The group is the largest private sector employer in the UAE with over 40,000 employees and boasts the largest fleet of vessels, cranes, equipment and machinery in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar have historically been the principal markets for AJC’s business activities with wellestablished and long-standing relationships with government, semi-government and private sector clients. Recently AJC expanded to Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Since the establishment of Al Jaber Group, diversity is the key success factor for its sustainable growth. It has invested in the latest technologies, built a platform of industries and launched shipping, transport and heavy lifting entities to support the group’s growing construction division.

Al Jaber group’s support extends to all sectors; it has strong interests in supporting education, sports events and environmental causes.

Since its inception, Al Jaber had a nonnegotiable position when it came to excellence, quality and safety. Securing the highest standard was and remains its priority.

Al Jaber group is committed to be a leader in innovation, technology, management and transparency in dealing with clients thus providing the highest service standards to its clients.