Akbar –The Flagship brand of Finest Ceylon Tea

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28-akbar-teaAkbar is the flagship brand of Ceylon Tea that is marketed worldwide. Under the umbrella of the Akbar Brand, the company offers a comprehensive range of tea products such as black and green tea in loose packs, tea bags, flavoured teas and teas packed in an assortment of tins and bottles. These products are constantly updated and new innovative packs are regularly developed to keep ahead of global trends. The Akbar product range is positioned to always offer the best value to the consumer by ensuring the highest quality standards.

Blaze to Brilliance
The History of both Ceylon tea and Akbar Brothers family were destined to commence in the same era in Sri Lanka in the 1860’s. James Taylor, a Scotsman, planted the first tea sapling in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1867 whilst in 1869, the grandfather of present Akbar brothers Tyeabally Shaikh Hebtulabhoy pioneered the family into the thriving Sri Lanka tea industry by forming M. S. Hebtulabhoy & Company Limited. In 1969, Tyeabally Shaikh Hebtulabhoy’s grandsons- Abbas, Abid and Inayet Akbarally – who too were well versed in tea, relinquished their positions at Hebtulabhoys & Co. and ventured out into a business of their own, and formed Akbar Brothers. Within 3 short years Akbar Brothers succeeded in making significant breakthroughs into major tea markets in the Middle East, and elsewhere. In 1972, Akbar Brothers Limited was incorporated. Significantly, in the same year, the father of these founders retired from the Chairmanship of Hebtulabhoys & Co. and joined his sons, making available his 40 years experience in the highest echelons of tea industry. For 20 consecutive years since 1992, Akbar Brothers Limited has been acknowledged as the largest exporter of Ceylon tea. Soon, “Akbar” became the flagship brand of the finest Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, that is exported to over 90 countries worldwide.

Faith Factor
Each consignment is personally approved by an Akbar family member, giving it the added reassurance of quality. Since quality is a timehonored tradition of the Akbar family, a family member is always at hand to personally check into each blend of Akbar tea. Consistent emphasis on quality occurs at every stage, from purchasing, processing, to the point of dispatch.

The Akbar Brand of tea is packed at the Akbar Brothers state-of-the-art production facilities, utilizing modern automated processing and packaging machinery which seals in the freshness, flavour and aroma of tea. This ensures the perfect cup of tea and hence rejuvenation with every sip.

Engagement that Enthralls
The Global Presence of Akbar products are the result of the Company’s excellence in marketing. Its savvy marketing strategy has, in fact, brought numerous accolades. All media – such as electronic, print, radio, billboards and posters- are utilized to promote Akbar products worldwide. In addition, Akbar Brothers has participated in global and regional tea-industry exhibitions and fairs such as SIAL (France), Foodex (Japan), International Food Fair (Iran), Anuga Cologne (Germany) and Product Launch Fair (China). Sponsorships have been an important facet in the company’s promotional strategy. Of these, the sponsoring of sporting events in key markets has been an annual promotional exercise.

Akbar tea products are promoted and positioned as flag-bearers of premium-quality Ceylon tea across the world. The products seek to satisfy the true connoisseurs of Ceylon Tea, and to meet their expectations of Akbar products – their superior quality, taste, aroma and purity. The company markets tea in packets and bags, in the form of flavoured and scented teas, as well as tea in the traditional bulk and blended forms. Their flexibility in custom blending teas to suit the taste, appearance and weight required by the customer has propelled Akbar Brothers to become the market leader in export of packeted tea from Sri Lanka.
Being the pioneer and market leader in the export of flavored tea bags from Sri Lanka, the company produces string and tag type tea bags as well as pillow/pot type tea bags, pyramid tea bags alongside paper and alufoil envelope tea bags. The flavoured teas are packed in a range of attractive and decorative forms, including cartons, tins, packets, polythene bags, wooden boxes, leather bags, porcelain or ceramic-ware and attractive reed boxes of every hue and description. The brand also provides the flexibility of branded or unbranded packaging to suit unique client requirements, catering to a cross section of clientele from the Middle East, Australia, North America, Scandinavia and other European nations The Akbar product range includes an eclectic range of teas, ranging from quality black teas, aromatic green teas, sophisticated Herbal teas, refreshing flavoured teas and thirst-quenching iced teas. Akbar’s’ Gift Teas are tastefully packed and artistically designed; compact gift packs are available in a selection of imaginative presentations ranging from packs, boxes and even ornate ceramic ware, to cater to individual tastes and needs.

Brand Promise
To achieve the highest standards of excellence, innovation and integrity in all their endeavours, thereby continuously bettering the expectations of their customers.

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