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ruparelRuparel Realty is a leading group known for its trust, cutting-edge style, supreme functionality and innovations that make it an emerging real estate company of Mumbai and its suburbs. The man behind the unparalleled marvels it has created over a period of time is Mahendra Karsandas Ruparel who, with his vast knowledge in real estate along with a well-experienced team, has made all the difference. Known for architectural magnificence that revolves around innovation, the group has successfully carved the dreams of its customers to perfection.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE In a short span of time, the Ruparel group has become a force to reckon with. Their projects have innovative home features, strategic locations, timely delivery and precision. This ensures that the buyers receive great value for money. What has helped the brand grow is a simple yet clear market strategy that is aimed at effectively meeting the demands of their customers. While building the landmarks of a futuristic lifestyle, it is their endeavour to set the benchmarks for others when quality, trust and innovations are talked about in the world of real estate and this has helped them surge ahead of their competitors.

FAITH FACTOR In an industry like real estate, trust is of paramount importance. There are numerous instances of buyers feeling cheated due to malpractices of a few. The Ruparel Group stands out with total transparency in all its dealings. The company’s honesty attracts investors and customers, and securing their lifetime investment with a trustworthy builder like Ruparel is quite natural. With timely and quality project delivery, the group has maintained the legacy of trust since its inception.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS In an era where marketing plays a big role with brands going all out to impress prospective buyers, ensuring that the right message is passed on to the buyer in an effective manner becomes a big challenge for brands. By showcasing a larger than life brilliance, competitive price quotients, customer beneficial schemes and payment methods, along with posh community living experience, the brand has been able to communicate effectively with people. At Ruparel they firmly believe that a satisfied customer is the greatest result of any communication.

INNOVEDGE The amalgamation of innovation and lifestyle in its projects has set it apart from the others. Its innovative design and lifestyle features have made a remarkable difference. Innovation and forward thinking always gives it an advantage which the organisation counts upon to succeed.

BRAND PROMISE The brand promises to its customers to create a world which is innovative in lifestyle and ahead in quality & trust like no other.

1. The word ‘Innovative’ in their brand tagline stands for the dynamism of the group and its approach towards creating architectural brilliance.
2. The word ‘Lifestyle’ in their brand tagline stands for an unconditional promise of making a worthier lifestyle for their customers through trust, quality, precision, transparency and timely delivery with value for money.
3. The word ‘Ahead’ in their brand tagline stands for assuring their customers that they would be ahead of others in providing the best of products and services.

1. 1999: The year in which Home Builders, the parent company of Ruparel Group was established
2. 2005: Over 250 million INR valued premium projects were completed during six years since inception
3. 2008: The year in which Ruparel Developers India Private Limited & Ruparel Estates India Private Limited were established to accelerate the brand’s growth
4. 2013: The year in which they commenced the development of Ariana, a 73-storey residential icon at Parel, Mumbai
5. 2014: The year in which the brand has more than 10 on-going ultraluxurious lifestyle projects across Mumbai & its suburbs

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