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Woxsen_hi-resWoxsen School of Business is a first of its kind “for entrepreneurship” business school in India. This new age B-School is based near the city of Hyderabad in an over three million square feet sprawling campus. It promises a big change in the field of management education. This B-School is an initiative of edupreneur Praveen Pula. The school aims to establish itself as a high quality education provider focussing on equipping students with the right competitive skills so that they become engines of economic growth and employment providers rather than mere job seekers.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE The project that is all set to change the face of management education in India evolved into the Woxsen School of Business in 2012. The Woxsen School of Business was finally launched in August 2013 and it got AICTE approval in February 2014. The coming together of Dr M. R. Rao, Dean Emeritus of the Indian School of Business, and Praveen Pula, an established name in the field of education in UK, has further raised the prospects of Woxsen School of Business.

FAITH FACTOR Woxsen School of Business has a core value that lays emphasis on mentoring over tutoring, action over desire, creating over following, wisdom over information and collaboration over competition. The belief is that entrepreneur is not a personality type. Exclusive focus on leadership, organisation, communication and strategy form the building blocks of entrepreneurial DNA at Woxsen.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS The exclusive focus on entrepreneurial attitude and skills rather than following the traditional model of management education combined with a curriculum that integrates distinctive models and experiential learning modules is something that put Woxsen ahead of other B-schools. A diverse student pool and a greater number of the faculty from top-tier business schools give Woxsen a global edge ahead of its competitors.

INNOVEDGE The WOXSEN Trade Tower is a unique concept at Woxsen, which provides hands-on resources for students to plan, develop, seek support and launch their ideas into viable ventures. It integrates resources for design, collaboration and mentorship from faculty and industry experts. The Trade Tower also allows potential investors to interact with students. Those ideas which gain the approval of the faculty and industry experts stand a chance to get seed- funded through the WOXSEN Fund. Along with that, WOXSEN’s infrastructure and resources nurture innovation while integrating the best facets of learning into the module of instruction.

BRAND PROMISE Being counted amongst the Financial Times 2020 MBA Rankings is one of the long-term global benchmarks that is in the sight of Woxsen. More active and successful incubation of student’s ideas and business plans through Woxsen Trade Tower is a unique experiment. The brand aims to be up there with the top B-Schools in the world and a leader in management education in India. There has been an almost 40 per cent increase in the business plan registration over the last year for the Woxsen-sponsored INDIAFRICA Business Venture Contest. If the increasing number of open-ended requests for expertise and funds to Woxsen Trade Tower and the large number of applications for Woxsen 2014 MBA intake are any indicators, it is the B-School to watch out for.

1. Almost 40 per cent increase in business plan registrations over the last year for the WOXSENsponsored INDIAFRICA Business Venture Contest.
2. Sustained double digit growth in terms of the number of registrations for the WOX’opreneur Contest.
3. Large number of applications from aspiring entrepreneurs for 2014 WOXSEN MBA intake

1. Concept of Woxsen Trade Tower is to bring students, faculty and the industry together
2. Opportunities for venture funding through the WOXSEN Fund
3. Exclusive focus on developing ‘entrepreneurial attitude and skills’ among students
4. A unique mix of faculty from leading schools and universities globally
5. The LOCS model is designed to help students to build, lead and manage big or small enterprises

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