It is the most important quality of a marketer that he sticks to the committment that he promises to the market. Delivery to promises that a brand makes to its consumers is the single-point biggest focus to success. You go right and you strike big, you go wrong and its BOOM..

In this issue we have given our perspective as to why Virat Kohli holds the greatest future for Indian cricket. To me he seems the only cricketer who has the ability and charisma to really re-generate some interests in the fallen religion of the country. After Sachin and retirement of most legends of Indian cricket, the followership has drastically come down. Added with spicy mixture of muck, slander and controversies, Indian cricket has never taken a battering that it has taken in the last few years. Of course the other charismatic MSD has done most his bits to win India the maximum it could. But Sachin still lived in those. After Sachin it has been a sharp hitting fall for Indian cricket, even though the very charismatic MSD still existed. India is un-forgiving most times to its stars. The controversies and corruption really didnt help either. The BCCI is finally taking its measures to clean up. But at the same time it requires a face that can have the magical effect on the public. Virat Kohli does seem to be the one. Can Virat and the other breed of new Indian cricketers like Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane and all restore the lost faith. Virat does have the brand value. The values driven by attitude, passion and aggression. Only time shall tell whether his performance matches up with the brand promise. Just like a brand value means nothing when it does’nt cater and live up to its promise, similar is the situation with Virat Kohli and party. But if anyone does have the magic he does

We have covered other issues which we think are pivotal to the world of branding and marketing. We have presented interesting cases and facts. One of my personal favourites is the return of Liril. A brand created with PASSION and destroyed equally well. The reason, constant diversions from a massively developed brand ethos and promises that Liril had etched into the Indian consumers mind. Constant changes in advertising and brand positioning destroyed it mercilessly. Is  the new come-back going to restore the lost faith. I do hope so.

I do hope you have as much fun reading the stories as much we had researching and writing them.



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