editorial-mainI am delighted super excited to bring out the 3rd gold edition of India’s most loved brand intellectual property India’s Most Promising Brands. It’s a great pride for us to announce to our loyal readers and subscribers that WCRC Leaders Asia has been selected as the Best MultiNational Magazine in the 16th MFI awards. We are just three years old and no wonder we strive many times harder than all others to establish our positions. We have continually done that with differentiated content, design and other factors that have held its grounds with readers everywhere.
I wrote ‘loved’ because, away from the snooty value of only writing about the topmost brands who are already over-exposed, India’s Most Promising Brands talk about the challengers, disruptors and innovators who are changing India’s future. Its loved because these are the brands who are fighting all odds to challenge the best. Hence in return not just increasing their grip in the market but also pushing the market leaders to be more innovative. All smiles and all brilliant as long as the competitive brilliance of the brand jungle and warfare makes the Indian consumers happy. For us at WCRC, its far more exciting than all other projects. The research effort is far more focused and so are all the other efforts. But the end result makes up for everything. Because India’s Most Promising Brands talk about brands who are real heroes. Brands who are showing constant promise and brands who are disrupting everyone and pushing them to be more innovative and consumer centric.
Also in this 3rd gold edition of India’s Most Promising Brands we have rated all brands shortlisted for final rounds of research. The ratings have been put as fairly as we could with the implementation of the WCRC Brand Matrix.The selection of these 50 brands have been done scientifically using various research techniques that World Consulting & Research Corporation is known for. Some of the skill-sets used for the research of India’s Most Promising Brands 2016 include primary interviews with the brands and then creating a skill-set scoresheet that authenticates the process as superiorly as possible. We have also introduced the BRAND O METER, which is quite easy and exciting to look and read.


7UP Revive

7up7UP, the refreshing clear drink with a natural lemon and lime flavor was created in 1929.

It was launched in India in 1990 and its international mascot Fido Dido was used for advertising in 1992 to position the brand as a cool drink for youngsters. Fido became an instant hit with his trendy look, laid-back attitude and unconventional take on life. 7UP is one of the first to be nationally distributed besides being marketed as a healthier alternative to other soft drinks.

7UP’s lemon refreshment picks you up and leaves you feeling upbeat. Its sparkling, crisp lemon and lime flavor keeps you positive against all odds. Just the perfect drink for a country that’s simply unputdownable by its share of downswings and challenges. They are always upbeat about the present, and optimistic about future. 7UP’s brand philosophy – I Feel Up – celebrates this irrepressible optimism.

1. Over the years 7UP has engaged the youth with its lemon based refreshing taste coupled with its refreshing attitude towards life.
2. More than 40 per cent of its energy is today generated from renewable sources such as bio mass and rice husk boilers and wind turbines.
1. 7UP is one of the first to be nationally distributed besides being marketed as a healthier alternative to other soft drinks.
2. PepsiCo(the parent company of 7UP Revive) provides 360-degree support to the farmer.

The parent company of 7UP Revive, PepsiCo India has pioneered and established a model of partnership with farmers and now works with over 24,000 happy farmers across nine states. More than 45 percent of these are small and marginal farmers with a land holding of one acre or less. PepsiCo provides 360-degree support to the farmer through assured buy back of their produce at pre-agreed prices, quality seeds, extension services, disease control packages, bank loans, weather insurance, and the latest technological practices. The association with PepsiCo India has not only raised the incomes of small and marginal farmers, but also their social standing.revive

Over the years 7UP has engaged the youth with its lemon based refreshing taste coupled with its refreshing attitude towards life. This refreshing take of 7UP has been evident in all its communication through the years. 7UP has been serenaded by crooning’s of the svelte Yana Gupta got cajoled by Mallika Sehrawat, later was uniquely endorsed by Bappi Lahiri, its take on life popularized by Sharman Joshi, Allu Arjun, STR and Puneeth Rajkumar. Most recently Irrfan Khan got refreshed by 7UP. The Pepsi IPL teams of Chennai Super Kings and Hyderabad Sunrisers also get their dose of refreshment from 7UP. 7UP has always had a huge presence in South India. The brand has been running its hugely popular yearly program of ‘7UP Dance Pattalam’. Apart from the large prize money, the program provides a most coveted platform to the Dancing talent from South India. Each year the love of the consumers makes this program even bigger. The program has got associations from some of the great dancing Superstars of the South – Allu Arjun, STR (Simbu) and Puneeth Rajkumar.

PepsiCo has been consistently investing in India, in the areas of product innovation, increasing manufacturing capacity, ramping up market infrastructure, strengthening supply chain and expanding company’s agriculture programme. The company has built an expansive beverage and snack food business supported by 37 beverage plants and 3 food plants.

PepsiCo India is now focused on reducing its carbon footprint. More than 40 per cent of its energy is today generated from renewable sources such as bio mass and rice husk boilers and wind turbines. Initiatives such as reduction in use of chemicals, eco-friendly packaging initiatives and efficient waste management help reduce load on the environment. PepsiCo has also been working on a unique waste collection and treatment program called ‘Waste-to-Wealth’. The award winning programme has positively impacted more than 5,00,000 people.


r-purer-pureR-pure, the name itself reflects the philosophy and the foundation stone on which it has been built, Purity.For centuries now, spices occupy a very important place in Indian Cooking and spice blends are passed as treasures through generations in Indian families. So in a country like India, where precise tastes, are as important as life, serving the right spice blends are both a challenge and a matter of pride for the brand.

Established in July 2008, as a proprietary of Rajeev Gulati, R-Pure has been transformed into a company in the financial year 2012-13. Dealing in agro products, primarily in spices-whole, ground, single as well as blended; wheat products like Vermicelli, long, short and roasted; Pasta in different shapes; both Indian made and imported, the company has recently introduced Suji Toast. The company now focuses on bakery products as well. A separate plant of 16000sq ft. has been established to promote sales of these products. Vegetables products like Ketchup and continental sauces, ready cooking pastes, ready to eat pre-cooked packed food and many more shall follow thereafter.

1. State of the art plant with capacity of over 35 tonnes per day are installed.
2. Established in 2008 as a proprietary of Rajeev Gulati,R-Pure has been transformed into a company in the financial year 2012-13.
1. Since its inception additional space of 77000 sq. feet and machinery has being constructed and commissioned.
2. With great enthusiasm first overseas order were dispatched and exported to the USA and Canada in the year 2010.

Indian footprint is clearly visible on the World Chart of Spices in any era. India being the oldest civilisation, has not only introduced the world to spices, but was the epicenter of spice trade. The quality and taste of R-Pure products has been highly appreciated by the customers. Therefore the production capacity has been enhanced to double, merely within four months of its introduction in the market.

Managing Director, Rajeev Gulati possesses long and wide experience in processing spices and is a director of the largest spices processing company in India. He has worked over time in introducing new blends specific for every recipe, its production and marketing and making that company the most respected spice processors in the country and renowned in the world. He has to his credit to establish overseas trading office in the UK and a fully automatic processing unit in the UAE.

A resolute beginning was made in 2008, for manufacturing powdered spices, Vermicelli, Roasted Sevian and texturized Soya. To R-pure success has come earlier and the market has responded well. Stream of orders has compelled the processors to excel to newer heights urgently. Now in a modern facility at Faridabad (HR.) of more than 1 lakh sq. feet of space, the production is in full swing since Feb’ 2010 and expanding by the day. Maintaining the tradition of processing spices, state of the art plant with capacity of over 35 tonnes per day are installed and busy supplying more than 70 blends and spices. Many of these blends, namely Bharwan Bhindee, Bharwan Karaila, the Achari, Karahi and Pranatha range of blended spices are unique and are giving new taste and flavour to the customers.

With a vision to make India a hub for processed food with its changing trend from cooking at home to pre-cooked within India and taking the cooked food to the global table is the ultimate goal of R-pure.


rostaarostaaWith its incorporation in 2000 Mr. Sameer Lalani (Chief Promoter) and Mr. Atul Chordia (Co-promoter) started royal dry fruits as a gourmet retail outlet to outsource the demands of the high end consumers. Dry fruits were the products that gave a kick start to the company highlighting its visibility in the trade market. With it’s headquarter at Hill road, Bandra, Mumbai- Maharashtra, the company soon launched the micro retail outlets at Juhu and Lokhandwala in 2005.

Rostaa has its expanded business in overseas market with varieties of products which are tasty, light and healthy to consume. To maintain the consistent level of their company in the market, products in every type of packs are been delivered and on the later part been circulated in the retail stores so that products might be reached to each and every zone where packaged food market is in action on the macro level.

1. Mr. Sameer Lalani is the Chief Pomoter and Mr. Atul Chordia is the co-promoter
2. It has exclusive range of products.
3. Have overseas market business expansion.
1. Maintaining the core values of the brand, rostaa pledges to continue its image and perception as fresh and stagnant with an aim to make its products available in every zone of the packaged food Industry.

The portfolio which the company holds in the business background is old for more than three decades and under the flagship of royal dry fruit two retail outlets were been established. Rostaa has maintained its transparency and sustainability by introducing new products keeping in mind the requirements of the customers.

Strong distributor network and premium quality products have marked a remarkable era for the company in the brand reach and brand visibility sector of the trade market. Its involvement with the clients and consumers has always been one of the prominent elements of rostaa enhancing its business on multinational level.

The genesis of the brand Rostaa, foraying into a diverse range of dry fruit products inclusive of products such as snacks biscuits, chocolates, confectioneries, foodstuff, beverages, nut & berries dramatically turned the company’s fortune.

Business expansion, signing up more franchise and expanding business in overseas market are the future plans where rostaa is looking forward to standby in the upcoming financial year. Hence, maintaining the credibility and integration of the respective company Royal dry fruits.