The MOST VALUABLE BRANDS OF THE YEAR (India Edition) is a research endeavour to showcase and recognise brands which have stamped their authority on the Indian market by virtue of their pristine credibility and enormous customer following. The premise of the project is to be able to forge a knowledge connect between various brands across industry categories all of whom have acquired ‘most valuable’ status. The idea is also to provide a mutually beneficial platform across all media formats and platforms.

The MOST VALUABLE BRANDS OF THE YEAR is the only brand project in the country where the entire process is advised and evaluated by KPMG in India, thus truly representing the most credible, transparent and differentiated standard of brand research and publication. The Most Valuable Brands is a feature of one brand per industry/product category. Dynamic web ratings of the brands in each category are driven by users and consumers on the Most Valuable Brands website. This not just implies an informative, educative, entertaining and interactive hub but generate product/service reviews and a superlative degree of brand-consumer interface.