Hind Agro Industries Ltd (HAIL), a name in the food industry, decided to diversify its business with, ‘The Fast Trax Restaurants’ to appeal to the changing taste buds of the urban youth. Post key market analysis, the vast potential for growth was identified and executed for the ‘Quick-Service’ restaurant chain. Gaining from the experience and fortitude of HAIL – specialising in the food industry and exports in 45 countries worldwide – Fast Trax’s journey on the fast lane was well underway by August 2005.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE This energetic brand has all the ingredients to stand parallel to or even outperform MNC brands. Samar Qureshi, director, Fast Trax Food Pvt. Ltd, envisioned a home-cooked brand with international food concepts moulded into the traditional needs of the target market. The simplistic ideology behind this synthesis is an industry identification of catering to the market’s taste – that tikkas and kebabs ruled the roost across the length and breadth of the nation. The effective blend of western and eastern tastes has all the necessary ingredients to captivate the impatient generation. The possibilities seem endless as the key strategy of the brand has been projecting Indian products in an international manner. The youth of the nation are more interested in international concepts of food, especially burgers, pizzas and wraps but still prefer the traditional tikkas and kebabs. This assisted the people behind the brand to overcome the challenges of coming up with a product after the business model was formulated

FAITH FACTOR The market appreciates high quality and value for money is the buzzword. The mere fact that fast food is perceived as junk food or an unhealthy form of food bestows a challenge for any quick-service restaurant brand. As deciphered by brand builders at Fast Trax Restaurants, there was the processed junk food which encouraged cheap alternatives and where quality was manipulated. And on the other hand, there was natural fast food which kept the food products fresh, light and nutritious for consumption. That is where the brand decided to gain its competitive edge over well-established players. A unique characteristic of Fast Trax Restaurants is in serving fresh food for a fresh order placed. Once a burger is cooked and placed on the serving dish, it has approximately eight minutes until the crunchiness lasts. Post that, the burger tends to dry up and lose vital nutrients causing it to be bland and relatively tasteless. Same is the case with French Fries which tends to dry up in five to six minutes once it is out of the fryer. Consequently, the food is cooked right when an order is placed at any Fast Trax Restaurant, to maintain the freshness, nutrition and original taste complimenting the exemplary quality.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Fast Trax Food Pvt. Ltd. is extremely active in associations with sporting events which is in sync with their brand image for the fast-paced life of the modern era. One such considerable association comes from The Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010. As partners for the international event, Fast Trax served over 2 million spectators in 100 fast food kiosks at all the 12 stadiums. The brand also sold CWG tickets at their restaurants located all over the city, coupled with iconic CWG merchandise. The signature ‘Play Meal (kid’s meal)’was customised to include a fun Shera toy. The CWG 2010 association had followed the Hero Honda FIH Hockey World Cup 2010 in March 2010. This association went beyond the horizons of branding, as the official food sponsors, the brand launched ‘Hockey Combos’ to attract the target market and hand them a chance to win and buy tickets at the outlets. Then, in the Indian Premier League Seasons 4 and 5, the brand signed up as the official Food and Restaurant partners for The Delhi Daredevils and The Kings XI Punjab franchises. The outlets were given a brand new look and feel, starting from the packaging material to carry bags, from posters to table stickers. Everything pointed towards this illustrious association which worked as a major wow factor.

INNOVEDGE Staying abreast of the market dynamics and changing demographics, the fusing of the Indian food product line with international presentation worked wonders for Fast Trax Restaurants. The Californian Chicken Burger remains its highest seller. The Arabian Lamb Burger provides a familiar yet different experience from the Middle East to the palate. The Kebab Burgers and Kebab Wraps are huge hits too. Launched keeping in mind the vegetarians, The Crunchy Corn also turned out to be a huge hit. The Big Trax with a side of French Fries and Flavored Milk & Shakes filled a sizeable appetite. Afterwards, the Delhi-NCR company has successfully entered the Rajasthan and Punjab markets. Even though not from R&D or food tech background, Qureshi has been thoroughly involved with the continuous evolution of the FX products according to changing tastes and has created most of the menu including the crowd favourite, the crunchy corn and kebab burgers which are extremely popular amongst people.

BRAND PROMISE Fast Trax Restaurants has introduced the most competitive pricing in the premium quality fast food category. The ethos of service & team work and adaptability to the ever-changing tastes of the consumer have proved to be critical success factors. The brand seeks to expand its network nationwide and to the GCC countries and is contemplating a franchise format.

1. 2010: The year came with an air of good news and Fast Trax became offi cial partners with Hero Honda Hockey World Cup and CWG.
2. Partnerships continued and soon led to associations with Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab – IPL Seasons 4 & 5.
3. 2012: A breakthrough campaign came forth when they sold over a million California Chicken Burgers.

1. Uses props in the form of race cars and cruiser bikes, complimenting the punch line – ‘Its So Cool’
2. The logo denotes ‘Living life in the Fast Lane’
3. They even received The Indian Achievers Award for Industrial Excellence
4. 1st outlet opened at New Friends Colony Market, New Delhi
5. Serves over 10,000 customers per day in 22 locations