Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – Manforce Condoms


Mankind Pharma, the 6th largest pharmaceutical company in India, was established in 1995. It is now amongst the top five fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India, racing towards the INR 35 billion club. Manforce Condoms, the premier condom brand of the group, is considered the flagship brand of Mankind Pharma.

Mankind Pharma promotes its products under three registered companies — Mankind, Lifestar & Lifestar 2 and Magnet. With a pan-India presence, Mankind’s offerings span in antibiotic, anti-fungal, gastrointestinal, NSAID, anthelmintic, cardiovascular, dermal and erectile dysfunction drugs.
Mankind, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, has a comprehensive network of 61 C&F agents and 6000 stockists. It operates under various divisions.
Mankind has a strong portfolio of products ranging from pharma to popular OTC and FMCG brands such as emergency contraceptive pill Unwanted 72, quick pregnancy test kit Prega News, Adiction deodorant, dispersible antacid tablet Gas-o-Fast and Manforce condoms, which provide strategic benefits of integration to the company.
Manforce was launched in 2007. However, the product’s promotion was initiated two years after its launch.

Mankind believes in fostering brands which can connect with the consumers and provide quality products at an affordable price.
Manforce Condoms, instead of producing vulgar and insensitive promotional campaigns, have generated appeal by effective use of print, audio as well as visual media.
Uplifting the brand image, Manforce condoms foresee an increase in the demand in Tier 1 cities. The brand has been vocal about the female perception about intimacy.

With an objective to support a healthy and active lifestyle, Mankind Pharma envisions becoming one of the top three pharmaceutical companies in India by 2017.
On similar lines, according to a report released by AC Nielsen in November 2011, Manforce condoms was declared the number one selling condom brand in India, holding a market share of 21 per cent. Manforce condoms envisions maintaining its position in terms of volume and wants to clock double-digit growth on Year-on-Year basis. Manforce Condoms is the flagship brand of the company’s OTC division.

Manforce condoms became the first brand in the segment to promote flavoured condoms in both electronic and print media.
Manforce Condoms adopted a distinguished style of promotion by roping in a woman talking about her desires and fantasies. The first-rate condom brand is currently endorsed by actress Sunny Leone.

Manforce Condoms are manufactured in GMP-certified units. Providing a huge basket of premium, flavoured and extra dotted condoms, Manforce has established a strong market presence.
Manforce has a strong market presence across Tier 1, 2 & 3 cities. With strong distribution channels and deep-down-micro-interior coverage, Manforce offers premium quality at an affordable price.

Manforce was launched in 2007 but promotion was initiated two years later
They are manufactured in GMP-certified units
Manforce condoms became the first brand in the segment to promote flavoured condoms in both electronic and print media

Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – Glenmark


Glenmark is a research-driven, global, integrated pharmaceutical company headquartered at Mumbai, India. It is a leading player in the discovery of new molecules, both NCEs (new chemical entity) and NBEs (new biological entity), with eight molecules in various stages of clinical development and pre-clinical development. The company has significant presence in branded formulations across emerging economies including India. Its subsidiary, Glenmark Generics Limited, services the requirements of the US and Western Europe markets

Glenmark’s Formulations business today impacts over 100 million people across 5 continents. The formulations business focuses on therapeutic areas viz. dermatology, respiratory, oncology and cardio metabolic. Through its subsidiary Glenmark serves the requirements of the US and Western Europe generics markets. Glenmark also has a strong presence in the emerging economics including India.

This business has three dedicated R&D centres. Glenmark’s R&D Center has a complete end to end setup with expertise in all areas of NCE (new chemical entity) and NBE (new biological entity) discovery and development ranging from target selection to clinical development. The NBE research center at Neuchatel, Switzerland also has an in-house anti-body manufacturing facility for development of clinical trial material. The R&D centers also boasts of a large number of highly qualified scientists. Glenmark has actively followed the strategy of out-licensing its molecules in clinical development to large multinational pharmaceutical organizations. This out licensing strategy has been successful so far with seven deals struck by the organization collecting USD 217 million as upfront and milestone payments.

Glenmark has 16 manufacturing facilities across 5 countries. Glenmark’s manufacturing facilities have been found compliant by various regulatory agencies across the globe such as US FDA, MHRA UK to name a few.

Glenmark’s drug discovery efforts are focused on meeting the unmet medical needs of the world. Glenmark have a robust pipeline of 8 molecules – 3 NCEs and 5 NBEs in various stages of preclinical and preclinical development in therapeutic areas like inflammation (asthma/COPD, rheumatoid arthritis etc.), metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, etc.) and pain (neuropathic pain and inflammatory pain).The molecules are either first-in-class or best-in-class that are aimed at meeting the un-met medical needs.

The company aims to emerge as a leading integrated research – based global pharmaceutical company.
The real force behind Glenmark’s continues success is it’s over 12,000 strong workforce from more than 50 nationalities committed to creating a new way for a new world.

12000 strong workforce from around 50 nationalities committed to creating a new way for a new world
Glenmark has office in over 20 countries, 16 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries and 6 R&D centres dedicated to the goal of enriching lives across the globe

Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – Sime Darby

people caring for people

Established in 1985, the hospital in Subang Jaya was initially known as Penawar with just the south tower building. It subsequently became known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) in 1987. Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care, owners of SJMC, offers a wide range of healthcare related services to its customers, from emergency treatments, disease management to screening services.

Over the years, SJMC has gradually grown to become a household name, earning the reputation and trust as one of the leading private medical services providers in the country. In 1995, the hospital established its own college of nursing to support the increasing demand of competent nurses required for delivering excellent healthcare services to its patients.

In 2008, the Sime Darby Healthcare brand name was unveiled to further expand the healthcare business which resulted in SJMC being re-branded as Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya and the college became known as Sime Darby Nursing and Health Sciences College respectively.

As the years passed, the organisation continued to expand and two additional medical centres were established under the Sime Darby Healthcare brand, namely Sime Darby Medical Centre Ara Damansara (SDMC AD) which opened in 2011 and Sime Darby Medical Centre ParkCity (SDMC PC) in 2012. Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care combines all Sime Darby’s portfolio of healthcare assets in Malaysia, namely Subang Jaya Centre (SJMC), Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC), ParkCity Medical Centre (PMC), Sime Darby Nursing and Health Sciences College and the upcoming Mediplex with Ramsay’s three hospitals in Indonesia, RS Premier Jatinegara, RS Premier Bintaro and RS Premier Surabaya.

In the year 2013, a joint venture initiative was proposed between Ramsay Health Care and Sime Darby to further expand the healthcare services across Asia. Thus, a new brand, Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care, which will pave the way forward to spur expansion of its healthcare services to new markets, was born.

Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care sees the investments not only as its contribution to Malaysia’s healthcare environment but also as a commitment to the patients. The efforts have borne fruit with the achievement of various milestones including Institute of Quality Malaysia Quality Excellence Award, International Asia Pacific Quality Award (Outstanding Achievement for Large Service), Brand Laureate Award for Best Brands in Healthcare – Hospitals (Asia Pacific region) and many more.


Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care offers a wide range of healthcare related services to its customers, from emergency treatments, disease management to screening services
SJMC has gradually grown to become a household name earning the reputation and trust as one of the leading medical services providers in the country

India’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – ZIOX Mobiles



ZIOX Mobiles is a leading telecommunication player based out of Delhi. It deals majorly in mobile handsets, mobile accessories and will soon foray into the consumer durable segment as well (LED TVs, Refrigerators, WMs etc). The company is a part of Sun Airvoice Private Limited Group which has parallel business interests in realty development, hospitality and trading. The brand vows on the quality of products which are offered to all customers alike.



In just 3 years since inception and from operating in limited territories to a brand that is now present across the length and breadth of the country – Ziox has come a long way and indeed has an even brighter future ahead. This wide expansion is the Brand’s blaze to brilliance moment. Ziox mobiles saw a staggering growth of over 400% (fin year 2016-17). This is a pure reflection of the faith consumers have on the brand.


The company’s vision is clear and precise – To to be Life Managers.

As Life Managers, it will partner all its consumers in making their lives simpler and abler. As a responsible partner to each and every one of its customers, Freedom of Choice and Freedom from Chaos is the company goal – An organisation that will live up to product expectations and will be a partner to the channel and users.


The brand engages with consumers through all possible mediums – TVC, outdoors, print advertisements, focused marketing activities, retail brandings, cluster market brandings, digital marketing and social media. The brand gets featured regularly in every renowned publication which is a direct impact of its strong PR fold.


Ziox Mobiles strongly believes in providing value for money products and solutions to each and every consumer and hence came up with several product innovations – a Feature Phone with Internal Memory and preloaded video content, a Feature Phone with Screenshot feature, a Feature Phone with Wi-Fi capability leading to a distinctive identity in  an otherwise cluttered marketspace. It has also rolled out 4G models and aims to produce more intrinsic 4G phones at the most affordable prices.


Ziox stands to its core ideology of democratizing technology for masses. As a brand, it stands committed to bringing cutting edge technology within the reach of everyone. Ziox distinguishes itself from its competitors by creating products that combine the best blend of features at the most affordable prices, while maintaining the quality of the product at all times.


Ziox has partnered with the likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues and Homeshop 18 amongst others.

Aims to cross the 10 million mark by 2018 with the support of its loyal customers.

State of the art manufacturing unit in the capital city of Delhi which holds the capacity to roll out around 10 lakhs units per month.

Two more manufacturing units to be operational in the immediate future.

Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – Cerebos

tasty and healthy

Cerebos works with the singular vision to be the leading food and health supplements enterprise in the Asia Pacific region. The company leadership feels that only by creating value for their employees, customers and the shareholders can they succeed in their mission and create a niche for themselves in the market. Today, Cerebos is well on its way to realise its vision.

The modern history of Cerebos begins in 1981 in Singapore when Cerebos Pacific Limited was formed and bought over all RHM subsidiaries in the Far East in 1982. Listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Limited (SGX) since 1983, Cerebos was delisted in December 2012 and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited. Cerebos is now a leading company with its corporate headquarters in Singapore. Its most significant markets are Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. In Asia, the Health Supplement Division manages liquid and tablets product ranges for consumers’ health and wellness needs. In Australasia, the Food & Coffee Division manages products including gravies, sauces, coffee and cooking aids marketed under established brand names including Gravox, Fountain, Robert Harris, Mocopan, Toby’s Estate, Caffe L’affare and Gregg’s.

Cerebos believes in creating value for employees, customers and shareholders and knows the only way to do this is to attract, motivate and retain quality employees. They consider their employees to be their ambassadors. The employees in the organisation stand for a contemporary, innovative and trusted workplace that grows with the community. Cerebos challenges and motivates their employees through innovative incentives and a variety of learning and growth opportunities to deliver the best possible results.

Cerebos has integrated the corporate social responsibility (CSR) concept of the “triple bottom line” into its business principle. This encompasses social value (charity and community involvement including employee welfare and volunteerism), environmental value (best practices and investments in environment-friendly practices), and economic value. The company has already taken the first steps in the direction of becoming a “Best Practices” company in the Asia Pacific by making strategic investments that will improve Cerebos’ environmental, social and governance performance over the coming decades. The benefits will be incremental but eventually also synergistic and will build an enduring business with sustainable returns.

At Cerebos, the innovation process has been carefully mapped out, and has helped take the company to a new high. Cerebos knows that innovation is the only way forward and knows that a successful company must know ‘the recipe for success’. The company values innovation and understands that entrepreneurs are required for innovation on a large scale.

Cerebos is committed to engaging employees, through effective and innovative work-life programmes that are tied to health and fitness, in order to continue increasing productivity and performance. It believes that Support for employees in achieving excellent work-life integration and harmony has thus been a key focus and an important strategy. It has created value for its employees, customers and shareholders.

The modern history of Cerebos begins in 1981 in Singapore when Cerebos Pacific Limited was formed
Cerebos has integrated the CSR concept of the “triple bottom line” into its business principle
The Company hosted BRAND’S® Gen Campaign to inspire the Thai youth

India’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – World of Lending



The Organization was. established in October 2015 by the visionary entrepreneur Mrs. Rachna Suneja. The company’s vision is to be “Par excellence in the Fintech Market” by digitalizing financial processes to relieve the customers of traditional financial hurdles and give them a hassle free and time saving financial experience.

DS Finworld offers various financial solutions through variety of services which include loans through different banks, NBFC’s, investment options and insurance.



DS Finworld is the brainchild of experts with a lethal combination of Finance and Technology. Their financial systems break the traditional banking methods and connect the borrowers and lenders. Their ideology is double edged sword – they provide the necessary information to customers and share the verified leads to banks creating a value for time to banks as well as customers.

DS Finworld is currently a 15 member team who work tirelessly with banks and customers to provide the best deals to the borrowers/ investors. Employees are trained to understand the needs of clientele, be it banks, NBFC’s or borrowers, and are empowered to give the best personalized services through win-win solutions.


DS Finworld provides personalized services, customized to the needs of individuals.  All lenders may not be in a position to provide service to all borrowers, but at DS Finworld arrangements are made from NBFC’s or P2P’s as per customer needs. The organization connects real estate developers with banks for direct loan applications for property purchaser, online cash flow management for the real estate developers through integrated dashboard, integration of chartered accountant firms for online investment for their clients, corporates for their employees and consumer durables loan process.


Bad loans in the financial sector led to pressure on the financial sector, however the recent changes in the government policies are forcing the financial organizations to automate financial processes and digitalize the financial transactions for transparent solutions and to deal with the rapid changes occurring in domestic market as well as to scale themselves to international standards.

DS Finworld identified these pain areas of financial experience and are committed to build integrated systems to support e-signatures and e-verifications of KYC documents, system driven scoring algorithm, e-documents repository, and multiple financial products in single platform, online advisory that reduces agent dependency, visibility of all borrowers and lenders on a single platform and many more financial solutions under one umbrella.

There is a growing awareness in people to invest in financial instruments and DS Finworld sees this as an opportunity to build their systems to integrate Investment Advisory services that will provide the investors real time advisory on financial investments.


The brand strives to meet the customer expectations and is committed to offer deals in the best interest of their customers. The financial systems require highly secured environment and the team works incessantly to maintain the security of their systems and continuous improvement for uncompromising quality that ensure lasting relationship with business partners and customers.

Prompt service, deep understanding of client needs, integrated solutions and cost effective technology thus reducing the cost of financial transactions is what the brand promises.


Dedicated e-documents repository

Real time Financial advisory provided to Investors

Process involves a system scoring algorithm

Online cash flow management for real estate developers