Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited, a subsidiary of Vicat Group in India, is a producer of superior quality cement setting new standards in construction. BCCPL was founded by the promoters of Sakshi Telugu Daily and Sakshi TV, under the chairmanship of Y.S. Bharathi Reddy and professionals with wide experience in power, cement, infrastructure and aggregates.


  • Bharathi Cement deploys cutting-edge German technology at every stage of production
  • The company enjoys a market share of 5.7 per cent in south India and 3.9 per cent in Maharashtra
  • Operating with a total capacity of 7.75 million tonnes per annum

With two manufacturing facilities at Kadapa and Gulbarga, brand Bharathi is operating with a total capacity of 7.75 million tonnes per annum. The Kadapa plant is built over an area of 487 acres with a mining area of the renowned Narji limestone of 1562 acres, which has a high lime content giving high early and ultimate long term strength. It has over 300 million tonnes of limestone deposits spread over 1500 acres in the Kadapa district. With a capacity of five million tonnes, this is one of the largest cement plants in Asia. The second plant at Gulbarga is located at Chatrasala village of Karnataka. It is spread over an area of 355 acres with a mining area of 2360 acres.

With its world-class processes, highly committed teams, efficient delivery and a strong distribution network of over 2300 proud dealers, Bharathi Cement has become a leading cement company in south and central India. The company enjoys a market share of 5.7 per cent in south India and 3.9 per cent in Maharashtra. Bharathi Cement has deployed the best in infrastructure and technology at every level to produce cement of excellent quality and its plants are also energy efficient.

Social responsibility is a foundation of Bharathi’s commitment to sustainable development. At Bharathi they aim to contribute to the communities in which they operate through investment and engagement and are committed to building relationships based on mutual respect and trust with all our stakeholders. The company believes that by fulfilling its social responsibilities, it can add value to its business.
Vicat Group aims at a long-term consumer and employee value by not only creating a “green” strategy aimed towards the natural environment, but taking into consideration every dimension of how a business operates in the social, cultural, and economic environment.

Bharathi Cement deploys cutting-edge German technology at every step of its production. At Bharathi Cement, one of the greatest challenges in cement production – that of ensuring consistent quality – is accomplished with the robotic lab where a robotic arm checks and monitors samples to ensure consistent grain and texture. For grinding, the manufacturing facility uses the Type 63.3 Vertical Roller Mill, which is the most advanced Vertical Roller Mill from LOESCHE, Germany.

The company has taken great leaps since its inception in 2009. On the account of a joint venture with Vicat Company of France, Bharathi Cement has always benefitted from its association with a global leader in cement. The state-of-the-art machinery helps achieve excellent particle size distribution which ensures high strength cement.