amul-machoAmul Macho is the fastest growing underwear brand in India. Over the years, the brand has always been a contemporary definition of machismo for Indian men. From being ‘irresistible’ to being ‘cool and smooth,’ Amul Macho has fed into the narcissism of Indian men since its starting days.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Within 10 years of being in business, Amul Macho has launched itself into a highly competitive place at the top of the underwear market in India. The brand has steadily innovated its products and production technology to provide its customers with the most comfortable and quality underwear. The emphasis on comfort and contemporary design sets Amul Macho apart from the rest of the competition.

FAITH FACTOR The underwear category in India is slightly skewed towards the unorganised players – a phenomenon that has destroyed the sense of fashion when it comes to underwear in the country.

Amul Macho keeps the fashion in underwear alive in India. The brand prides itself on being contemporary. Through its innovative cuts, evolution in material and youthful imagery, the brand gives its consumers a recurring reason to find Amul Macho the next time they purchase underwear.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Amul Macho is driven every day by a mission to make itself the most preferred brand through a relentless pursuit of innovation in design, quality and comfort.

In 2009, Amul Macho found itself in a peculiar position as a result of its boisterously macho advertising. Although the core buyers of Amul Macho connected with and loved the advertising, the moral police sought to raise its eyebrows.

In 2010, Amul Macho re-invigorated its brand with a new age definition of machismo – a smoother, cooler, smarter man. The brand even tied up with the smoothest actor in Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan, to take the brand to a higher level of quality perception and association.

The partnership between the refined Saif Ali Khan and the outlandish machismo of Amul Macho set a trend that many brands in the category attempt to follow even today.

INNOVEDGE To maintain a youthful imagery, it has been imperative for Amul Macho to keep creating new designs every year. The brand uses 100 per cent cotton, a revolutionary production method that makes sure that the comfort of Amul Macho is unmatched by other brands. The brand pioneers in communication in the category. Other underwear brands are still catching up in terms of communication.

BRAND PROMISE Amul Macho promises to be the most preferred inner wear brand through relentless pursuit of innovation in design, comfort and product quality.

1. The company operates its sales and distribution through a network of 700 dealers across India and has 17 branches spread across the country.
2. The company employs more than 15,000 people directly and indirectly.
3. The brand is well known for having very popular TV campaigns regularly, like “Yeh toh bada toing hai”; “Bade Aram Se”; etc.

1. 1980: The year when the company was established and Brand ‘AMUL’ was launched
2. 1987: The year in which the Brand ‘MACHO’ was launched
3. Rs 800 crore: The turnover for the company in Fiscal Year 2013-2014
4. 17: The number of branches the company has across India
5. 8: The number of times the turnover of the company has increased between Fiscal Years 2005 and 2015